More and Less - Two Lists You Need To Make

Ask Yourself Good Questions

Journaling is the process of asking yourself questions.

Come up with a prompt. Fill it in.

I'm calling today's prompt "More & Less."

Here’s mine filled out:

Things to do more of (or things to continue doing) (or start)

1. Back-squat. Deadlift. Bench Press.
2. Stretching, especially hamstrings and hip flexors.
3. Speed workouts. Saunas. Sprints. Long walks.
4. Cold calling friends and family to catch up.
5. Reading fiction. Reading non-fiction. Taking online courses.
6. Experimenting. 30 days challenges. (Cold showers, journaling, vegan diet, carnivore diet).
7. Watching Jeopardy with friends and family.
8. Interviewing and befriending people you admire.
9. Give to charity. Time and money.
10. Talk to strangers.

Things to do less of (or things to stop doing) (via negativa)

1. Use electronics as a remedy for boredom.
2. Eat vegetable oils. Eat anything newly introduced to society.
3. Drink alcohol. Smoke.
4. Leave dishes in the sink overnight.
5. Rely on distracting stimulus while sleeping. TV/ Music.
6. Buy stuff you do not want or need.
7. Drink caffeine after noon.
8. Take on bad-debt.
9. Blame others for your problems.
10. Feel entitled to anything.

Your turn.

I need 10 each. Do not quit until you have 10 each.

Come back to your list and periodically update and review it.

Whether you want to call it Pareto’s law, the 80/20 rule, or something else entirely, its clear that a good life is a function of doubling down on the good and eliminating the bad.

The things that make you feel happy, healthy, smart, fulfilled? Reflect on what they are and keep doing them.

The things that make you unproductive, unsuccessful, unhealthy, and anti-social? Hit the brakes and swap for something better.

If this line of thinking interests you, I recommend reading a book on habits such as The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg or Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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Published on Jun 20, 2020

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