Tools That Are Cool

This is a curated list of cool stuff I use. Some of the links are affiliate links. That means I could get a small commission if you buy through my links. That is at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products/services that I personally use or have used.



Roam is a FANTASTIC tool for facilitating "networked thought." Imagine your own personal wikipedia; organize and connect notes and ideas in infinitely configurable ways. Its an amazing tool for writing, note-taking, journaling, project management, relationship management, and THINKING.

$0-15 Monthly

Freedom is essential for distraction blocking. Schedule what you want to have access to and when. Automatically schedule self-discipline.

$0-7 Per Month


Webflow is awesome. I use it for making websites. This website is built on and hosted by Webflow.

Price Varies - Expect Between $12-50 Monthly helps me focus. They have playlists for specific types of work that really zone me in. Theoretically, what they do is backed by science.

$50 Annually


I use Todoist to manage school work and personal projects. It is my favorite dedicated task management software. I've had a hard time doing team collaboration with it, but its fantastic for managing personal tasks and one person projects.

$0-4 Monthly

Parabola is a "NoCode" tool that makes it extremely easy to automate complicated data stuff. I use it to connect my podcast hosting service to my podcast website so the content automatically synchronizes between the two. Parabola was recommended to me by Chris Spags when I interviewed him on my podcast.

Free Tier Solves All My Needs (For Now), Paid Option If You Get Really Fancy


Their service enables you to video-conference with a "virtual coworker" for an hour, to hold each other accountable and keep each other company, while each working on your own projects. It's been a huge help in focusing on key tasks and limiting distractions.

$0-5 Monthly


I use Simplecast for hosting my podcast. It has worked well for me. No complaints.

$15-85 Monthly

5 Books On Any Topic

Gives you "the best" 5 books on "any" topic. A great starting point for learning about any subject.




Aura is an awesome sports/energy drink that I'm an early investor in. Our drinks have 0 sugar, no artificial colors, 79mg of caffeine, and are the first ready to drink beverage containing cluster dextrin.

36 + Shipping For 12

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are actually magical. They work so well. Absolutely no complaints about sound quality, user interface, or noise cancellation. Seamless and life enhancing for me.

$250 MSRP

Laptop Stand

This computer stand is the best. It gets the computer close to eye level which is super nice. Good sturdy materials.




Build an online writing habit in 30 days. Join a community of online writers and accelerate your online writing trajectory. I completed this writing challenge in February 2021 and benefited greatly from the experience. I learned a lot as a writer and made great friends with others in the community.

$100-200 depending on timing

Gymnastics Bodies

The COVID gym closures reignited my passion for bodyweight training. This course will HUMBLE you. Level 1 is HARD. You will engage in mobility, strength, and flexibility exercises that are brand new to your body. This will challenge you and lead to rapid newbie gains. I feel confident trusting the process because the progressions are extremely well mapped and researched. Stop neglecting your joints and range of motion.

15-20 Monthly

The Handstand Toolkit

If you are serious about improving your handstands, I highly recommend this training plan/toolkit/course from Matthew I Smith. I have seen incredible results from following his detailed workouts and progressions. It's also equipped me with knowledge to coach others and help them improve their hand balancing skills. It's expensive, but well worth it if you are committed and driven to improving your handstand skills.



How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky

If you want to develop a mindset that will set you up for success, this is the best place to start. I don't give that many 11/10s but this podcast deserves it. Naval explains the most important principles for building wealth given advances in technology and changes in society. Violate his principles at your own risk.


Sample Excavator

I'm not big into music, but my friend Angelo realllly is. His podcast tells great stories in music history through the lens of sampling. I highly recommend it.



The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Eric Jorgenson

Wow. Phenomenal. Eric does an incredible job distilling the absolute minimum viable principles to understand the process of building long term wealth.

The book is a mixture of mind expanding realizations, harsh truths, meditations, helpful mantras and welcome punches to the face as needed.


The Art of Fully Living

The Art of Fully Living

Tal Gur

This book was great; I cruised through it in about 4 days. Tal is extremely authentic and shares the raw details about his experience on this journey to achieve 100 major goals in 10 years. So many great nuggets and motivating ideas about happiness, impact, discipline, focus, and intensity. Really a great read for anyone inspired to push themselves to achieve.



Gabriel Weinberg

This changed my perspective on marketing strategy.

I've been struggling with the general aim "how do I get more podcast listeners" and this book helped break that down into a really digestible answer.

It took me a while to read because I had to stop and jot down ideas every few pages (a good thing!)

The Third Door

The Third Door

Alex Banayan

Every person I know that has read this book finishes it in one sitting. It's awesome, fun, motivating, inspiring, and filled with useful ideas. Any person with at least an ounce of ambition should probably read it. The first time I read it, I wrote this article. The second time, I made these notes.

The ONE Thing

The ONE Thing

Gary Keller

This book is FANTASTIC. It's elegantly written and punchy. I'm putting it at the top of my "reread every couple of months" list. Ignore it at your own peril.

Recommended to me by Will Brown on episode 30 of The Louis & Kyle Show.

How To Win At College

How To Win At College

Cal Newport

The book is very useful and has a lot of specific and practical tips to improve the college experience. Cal's suggestions are well-reasoned and worth trying. I recommend this for any student.

The Defining Decade

The Defining Decade

Meg Jay

This was a smack in the face at every turn. The key lesson is that committing to jobs, career paths, relationships earlier in life tends to be a beneficial choice. Don't just say "I'll start my adult life in my 30s." Get serious about relationship and career decisions early! Pursuing maximum short term optionality leads to LESS long term optionality. The grass is greenest where you water it.

The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane

MJ DeMarco

This book is phenomenal everyone should read it. Uninstall unproductive beliefs and reinstall better ones.



Scott Young

This book is motivating on the possibilities opened by pursuing self-directed accelerated learning projects and instructive on clear methods for completing those projects in the best possible way.



Robert Greene

I heavily skimmed last 2 chapters, but I thought this book was very instructive and motivational. Would definitely recommend it.

Heretics of Dune

Heretics of Dune

Frank Herbert

Another great book for The Dune Series. I was hesitant to start it because it's completely new characters from the previous four books, but it was worth it. Not life changing, but great for reading at night and going to a different world for a bit.