Hi, I'm Louis

Welcome to my "public brain."

I enjoy writing, thinking, and talking about entrepreneurship, the internet, fitness and health, productivity, personal knowledge management, books and articles, goal setting, philosophy, finance and investing, real estate, stoicism, and technology.

I'm currently finishing my Bachelors in Computer Science from The University of Alabama and sharing new podcast interviews on The Louis and Kyle Show.

What I've Been Up To

Tuscaloosa, AL

Fall 2020

Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Taking 3 CS Classes (Data Science, Algorithms, and Databases)
  • Producing one new episode of The Louis and Kyle Show per week
  • Working toward's the full splits and a 60 second handstand
  • Working on Aura Beverage Co
  • Completed my first marathon

Summer 2020

  • Mentor for Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy Students
  • Completed the 75Hard Challenge
  • Reached 25+ Interviews on The Louis and Kyle Show
  • Started GymnasticsBodies Training, Beginning to Prioritize Body Weight Skills and Mobility
Tuscaloosa, AL and Las Vegas, NV

Spring 2020

Tuscaloosa, AL and Las Vegas, NV
  • Lived at home to be with family during the COVID-19 Quarantine
  • Started The Louis and Kyle Show
  • Moved this website to Webflow, wrote a few more articles
  • Became very interested in RoamResearch
  • Passed Data Structures & Algorithms, Microcomputers, Photoshop, and Linear Algebra
  • Made Twitter and Instagram again (still not sure if this was a good call)
  • Gained 20 lbs in 60 days by tracking calories/ drinking half gallon of milk a day (still not sure if this was a good call)
  • Accepted into graduate program in Computer Science at UA
  • Broke 225+ on bench press and back-squat
Southeast Asia

Fall 2019

Southeast Asia
  • Study Abroad at Mahidol University International College in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Visited Hanoi, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tokyo, Japan, Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Singapore. Also explored a lot of Thailand.
  • Was obsessed with Notion.so
  • Took Finance, Marketing, Management and Conversational Thai
Tuscaloosa, AL and Black Rock City, NV

Summer 2019

Tuscaloosa, AL and Black Rock City, NV
  • Went to Burning Man
  • 16 Week Co-Op in HR at Mercedes Benz US International in Vance, AL
  • 9 Week Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy Participant (Part-time)
  • Made a Facebook so I could do business stuff, accidentally started using Facebook again
  • Attempted David Goggins 4-4-48 challenge, quit at 28 miles
Tuscaloosa, AL

Sophomore Year

Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Ran my first half marathon
  • 17 Week Co-Op in Electrical Engineering (Vehicle Technology Quality) at Mercedes Benz US International in Vance, AL
  • 4.0 in Intro to Software Engineering, Discrete Math II, Theory of Probability, Racketball, Digital Logic, Honors Professional Development, & Accounting
  • Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa Finalist, won 500$ in a pitch competition
  • Went the full academic year without social media (highly recommend)
Jerusalem, Israel

Summer 2018

Jerusalem, Israel
  • 6 Week Software Engineering Internship at AutoLeadStar
  • Shorashim Birthrite  (10 day Tour of Israel)
  • Went to Mykonos, Athens, and Santorini, Greece
  • Went to Petra, Jordan
  • Started blogging a little bit
  • Ate falafel every single day
Tuscaloosa, AL

Freshman Year

Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Joined Alpha Epsilon Pi, served as Rush Chair and Brother at Large
  • Started reading books outside of school
  • Took first Programming Class, went to my first hackathon
  • Took Music Appreciation, didn't appreciate it very much
  • Got my ring-muscle up, started running sometimes
  • Read Deep Work by Cal Newport (for the first time)
  • Was very into Thomas Frank content
Henderson, NV

High School

Henderson, NV
  • President of Speech and Debate Team
  • Very involved in Jewish Youth Group (NFTY)
  • Graduated as a Valedictorian and gave the speech
  • Accepted full-tuition scholarship to the University of Alabama
  • Had a cross-fit phase junior year