The Power List

5 Non Negotiable Tasks That Move The Needle

In episode 107 of the MF CEO podcast, Andy Frisella shares his concept of the "Power List."

If you have long term ambitious goals, it takes consistent daily actions that move the needle toward those goals to have any realistic hope of ever achieving anything worthwhile.

The "Power List" is a system where you write down on a piece of paper five essential tasks/actions that must be completed in order to consider the day a win.

If you get all 5 done, no matter what else happens during the day, you can cross them off and write a big "W" on that piece of paper because you won the day.

These don't have to be the same five everyday, but it can help to have repeating ones to build habits.

A 5-year goal isn't achieved in a day. Its achieved by consistently winning the majority of your days over a 5 year period.

Win 4 days this week? You won the week. Win 16 days this month? You won the month. Win 7 months this year? You won the year.

If you consistently move the needle forward on what matters most, you'll start gaining momentum.

Don't fixate on something impossibly big.

Just focus on winning today.

Then focus on winning tomorrow.

If you want to learn more, listen to Andy explain it here.

1- Gratitude

  • Read on the balcony this morning. Outdoor reading is great. It was raining, but the balcony was shielded.
  • Baked sweet potatoes and cinnamon. So easy to make. So good.
  • I'm getting much much more competent with the Colemak keyboard. It was really inconvenient for a while, but now I'm as fast as I was on QWERTY or faster.
  • Weighted blankets.

2- (my power list for today)

  1. Gymnastics Bodies workout (done already)
  2. Read 25 pages and do this journal entry (a few lines from being done)
  3. Send update email following up on a big zoom call from a few weeks ago with the work we've done since then
  4. Initiate 4 potential new podcast interviews. Update everything in the 'pipeline'
  5. Restore order to my closet and bookshelf

3- Ideas & Reminders

  • Consistency > Intensity. It's much better to get everything done on a smaller list everyday than to burn out from trying to do too much at once.
  • Time boxed days go better. Mornings determine the whole day.
  • Quality is a habit. Don't cut corners. Don't leave dishes in the sink overnight.
Published on Aug 14, 2020

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