Why Does Tempe's Target Sell So Much Tito's

Writing Prompts Are Helpful

This is day four of this experimental “journal in public” format for me.

I don’t have a theme to write about, so I created four prompts. Then, I answered them.

I’ve been using the cold turkey writing app with a specific word count goal to write these at the end of the day. Today that goal was 300 words.

Something That Happened Today

Kyle and I interviewed Mike Case, the former CEO of Westervelt Capital. This interview was phenomenal. Mike prepared extremely detailed notes for the show and it was evident in his thoughtful answers to our questions. We discussed his story climbing from an entry-level sales job to becoming the CEO of the company. We also talked about habits, his favorite books, vertically integrated supply chains, and mental models. We will release the audio in a few weeks!

Something I Observed Today

I went to Target near ASU-Tempe to buy jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Turns out I’ve got 'athletic' legs.

Back-squatting 3x per week really changed the way pants fit. 32, 30 if you wanna send me pants.

From what I’ve read, Target is a very data driven company. They are very intentional about what products are where based on the customers they get.

I’ve never seen a Target more aggressively promote alcohol. Booze at every end-cap and near checkout.

I guess the ASU stereotypes has truth; they wouldn’t lay out their store this way unless it translated into higher throughput for their location.

Something I Want To Think More About

Book tinder. Selecting what to read next is a real challenge. For recommendations, do you use Amazon, Goodreads, Google, or just ask friend?

My solution: book tinder, a swipe-based book recommendation app.

Do you want to have a challenging or easy read? Do you want it to be fiction or non fiction? Swipe left or right. The business model would just be to make a commission on sales or sell ads to authors selling books in your niche. An ML backend would make recommendations.

Jeff, if you are reading this, I’m fine with you taking the idea—just give me a shout-out.

Some Things Going On Tomorrow

Waking up at 2:30 am to go shadow a family friends concrete pouring business. That's why I bought the jeans.

On that note I really should be going to bed.

Not sure what to write about?

Use a few prompts or questions and then just answer them.

Produce more than you consume.

Last Note

Playing around with TeaxDeux for task management. Will see how I like it.

Published on Jun 16, 2020

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