3 Easy Questions, 1 Day of 'Hard' Labor

Slam a cold brew and answer these prompts

I would have smiled but then the coffee would've fallen out

This post follows my the journaling template I fall back on most often. Try it for yourself.

You can spend anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes depending on how full your head is.

Quick Summary of What Went Down - Thought Dump - Day in Review

My dad’s close friend has a concrete business.

My dad has always encouraged me to shadow his friend for a day and see what all is involved in the process of finishing concrete.  

I took that offer today.

Here's a rundown.

Woke naturally at 2:20 am. Ate a Trader Joe’s Bean and Cheese Burrito. 29gs of Protein. 650 calories. 3$. I’m satisfied with the calorie/dollar ratio. Drank a glass of carrot juice. That breakfast can’t be topped.

Drove to the construction site. Got there way too early. Stopped at a gas station. Bought two hard-boiled eggs. First was sour. Thought it would make me sick. Ate the second anyway.

I live to tell the tale.

Also bought a Maple Glazed “One” Bar. 1g of sugar. 20gs of protein. Better than Krispy Kreme.

Found the site.

Was put right to work--mostly bringing out  equipment. I lost balance on my wheelbarrow within the first 5 minutes. Things got better after that. Concrete started pouring at 5.

Did a series of random tasks throughout the day. Sanded edges down to form smooth, round corners. Shoveled and moved dirt and rocks. Drank water.

Ate 3 RX bars. 12gs of protein each. Do you even cross-fit?

Slammed a 300mg caffeine cold brew at 7. Was buzzed till 10.

Observed, helped, and worked until 1:30 (breaking for lunch at some point).

Drove home, got YC’s Mongolian Grill. Stuffed my bowl so dense they gave me two containers. Ate half. Came home.

FaceTimed the family.


Did some work for the Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy.

Made a protein shake.

Writing this now.

Three Things To Be Grateful For - Appreciation for little or big things

1. Low UV Index. Today was hot but I didn’t burn.
2. My college education. I prefer coding to manual labor if given the option.
3. RX Bars. Used to think these sucked. Now I’m hooked.
4. I actually found clearance shoes I liked that fit. That triple intersection never happens. DSW stars aligned I suppose.

Three Priorities For Tomorrow (or today if its still early)

1. Catch up and work ahead on Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy (my summer internship).
2. StrongLifts 5x5. Squat. Bench. Row.
3. Eat all my leftovers. Don’t cook new stuff.

Three Reminders/ Mottos/ Motivators

1. The Obstacle is The Way
2. Just get started.
3. Produce more than you consume.

A Quote Just For Fun

"No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty." - Napolean Hill

Published on Jun 17, 2020

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