Follow One Course Until Successful

Do You Follow Your Own Advice?

I tried to do too many things today.

I’m doing the 75Hard challenge. At minimum, that is two, 45 minute workouts, 10 pages of reading, and strict adherence to a diet.

I face-timed my Dad, Mom, Grandma, and a few friends in different states.

I recorded a podcast interview for two hours.

I prepared the scripts and outlines for two additional interviews.

I conducted two interviews with potential blog writers for the podcast website.

I edited the episode I’m releasing tomorrow.

I followed leads for a secondary marketing consulting project I’m doing.

I ate 6 eggs: 4 cooked, 2 raw.

I tried to plan a few trips.

This isn’t to brag. This is to take inventory and reflect.

I left stuff for the last minute.

I should have spread these tasks over the past few days.

What’s the takeaway?

A common piece of advice I’ve read and received is to FOCUS.

Follow One Course Until Successful.

So many books tell the same story. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are at dinner. They are asked what the single most important factor for their success was.

Reportedly, they both said “focus.”

Is it a true story?

I have no clue. I don't care to find out. I like the lesson.

They didn’t invent the acronym, though I’m sure they were aware of it intuitively.

The expansion came from a podcast guest, Todd Mezrah. It is a tool he shared as a part of his timeline for success.

I really like the framework. I made it into a sticker and stuck it to my AirPods case.

I shared the idea with fellow students at the Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy over Zoom a few days ago.

What’s the problem?

I’ve spent more time sharing this idea with others than I have spent applying it.

I’m on more than one course.

I’m freelancing websites, I’m working on my podcast, I’m consulting marketing for a startup.

Does that count as one course or three?

Today’s Notes To Self

Produce more than you consume.

Provide more value than you take.

Follow through on commitments.

Published on Jun 16, 2020

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