3 Good, 3 Improve, 3 Lessons

Buy an Alarm Clock

Brain Dump - One Thought

Lately, I’ve been using my phone as an alarm because I left my physical alarm in Alabama. That means I’m in the habit of setting my alarm at night and turning it off in the morning. It means my phone is the first and last thing I touch, and I don’t like that.

I’ve been putting it in Airplane mode and trying to wait 30 minutes after waking up before turning that off, but I still don’t like grabbing my phone being my first daily action.

I think I’ve convinced myself just to buy an old school alarm. It’s 7$ and worth it for a more 'still' morning.

3 Good Things From Yesterday

- Amazing sleep, like 10:30 pm to 8am
- Got a fantastic coffee from an Australian coffee shop, made it bulletproof (coconut oil) because why not
- Played Jeopardy with my sister and her friend (I’m visiting in LA)
- Made 4-eggs flawlessly over medium

3 Things I Can Improve Upon

- Dividing work and leisure time. I’ve been doing all day semi-focus with frequent distraction instead of an ultra focused sprint followed by leisure.
- Eating more real food, since I’m traveling, I got almost all my protein from processed stuff like protein bars and muscle milk
- Improve morning routine

3 Lessons & Reminders

I’ve been reading How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. These lessons will come from there. I’m 4 chapters in.
- Don’t criticize others
- Give honest and sincere appreciation
- You can get other people to do things by “arousing in them an eager want” — in other words, make them think what you want is there idea
- Become interested in other people, don’t try to make them interested in you

Reflect On A Quote

“If there is any one secret to of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own”

This is a shift in perspective that I am still working on. I view this as one of the fundamental competencies of business but not one of my natural strengths.

Know who the market is and build a product based on what they want or need.

Build a product based on pain points that exist not based on what you want to make.

This is a great set of easy prompts!

Published on Jun 25, 2020

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